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I was both honored and challenged at the opportunity to take part in the Proximity project for both the draperies and the bedding at this innovative hotel.

Dennis is an amazing man to work with, far ahead of his time. He recognized and matched the needs of his guests with offering top level creature comforts with his dream of being the world's greenest hotel.

Teams of experts worked tirelessly to make his dream of the first LEED Platinum hotel come true.

The experience was life-changing and Dennis' goals got me thinking about how we must do things better. I was inspired to develop my own green bedding line to contribute to an important movement and a better world.

Spotlight: The Proximity Hotel

October 2008 (Greensboro, NC) -- Quaintance-Weaver Restaurants and Hotels announce that Proximity Hotel and Print Works Bistro have been awarded LEED Platinum by the U.S. Green Building Council. LEED is the USGBC’s rating system for designing and constructing the world’s greenest, most energy efficient, and high performing buildings. Opened in late 2007, Proximity Hotel and Print Works Bistro are the first in the hospitality industry to obtain the USGBC’s top level of certification.

Dennis Quaintance , the CEO and CDO (Chief Design Officer) of Quaintance-Weaver, is obviously delighted. “When we started the design process four years ago, I would have never believed that we could use 39% less energy and 33% less water without one iota of compromise in comfort or luxury and with minimal additional construction costs,” says Quaintance. “It just goes to show what a determined team can accomplish if they use common sense and get a little bit of help from the sun.”

Quaintance collaborated with his subcontractors on every little detail and personally tested most products.The rigorous testing for a variety of water saving products is paying off. The hotel and restaurant is on track to use two million gallons less water during the first year, saving more than $13,000 by spending less than $7,000 in additional construction costs. (For more information, go to


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