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Three Manufacturing Options to Save You Money!

Although organic cotton is more expensive than traditionally processed cotton, the manufacturing options below more than offset any additional costs. Using organically grown and processed cotton is not only important to the environment, but also the people and the location. Supporting U.S. organic farmers keeps our dollars invested at home and adds to the value of the product. The end result, is a product that is safer, consumer-appreciated, and still costs less.

Cost Saving Benefits
digital fabric designs
Option 1: Digital Fabric Designs
Digitally engineering your fabrics saves cost by reducing the use of multiple fabrics, cut, piece and sew charges, as well as expensive cut off waste. Instead, add unique details to each product with contract banding and piping, combining patterns or arranging components to make the perfectly unique design for the hotel client.
engineering fabric to product size
Option 2: Engineering Fabric to Product Size
Engineering the size of each product is the job of our technical department. They program our looms for each project to minimize or eliminate cut-off waste. This method not only reduces waste, but also reduces time as the fabric comes off the loom 100% ready for finished production.
just in time production
Option 3: Just-In-Time Production
We only make your products when you need them. They are manufactured, packaged and delivered according to your specifications. Our just-in-time production means that there are no bolts or collections sitting on a shelf to be counted, warehoused, protected, insured, advertised and promoted. This translates to HUGE savings for your project whether the quantites are large or small.


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