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Design Resources Unlimited is proud to announce a new luxurious line of decorative bedding products for hospitality made of fabrics with natural organic cotton fibers. These fibers are grown in the USA without fertilizers, herbicides or toxic defoliants. Our products are also manufactured in the United States and affordable for projects of any size or quantity.


The United Nations General Assembly declared 2009 as the "International Year of Natural Fibers"There are many reasons why this is important to Hospitality, and we have been working to bring them to you. Click here for more information.

Green Bedding
Top of the bed accessories can be specified greener with natural and organic fibers. That's what guests want. Learn more about our natural fiber products.

Support U.S. Industry
Our own farmers and other vital U.S. industries have been working hard to grow and manufacture sustainable fabrics. The majority of natural fiber fabrics are produced outside of the United States. Let's keep our dollars here. (Made in Learn more about our manufacturing process.

Design Unique Details
Fabric Engineering: Adding banding, piping, and contrasting accents really adds handsome and special appeal to woven fabrics, but is usually cost prohibitive. Until now - we can help you achieve anything your imagination can design.

Stay Within Your Budget
Less freight, vertical production, fabric engineering, U.S. manufacturing, just-in-time production, and no warehousing allow us to create quality, customized products of any size! Learn more about our cost savings.

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