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Fabric Finishes for the Real World

Organic cotton, natural fibers, or other fabric blends make wonderful luxurious
fabrics just as they are.  But, in the hospitality industry, there are fire and safety
codes to comply with in most cases.

Great strides have been made in the search for eco-friendly finishes for fabrics.
We are devoting much of our time in this area. This is a continually ongoing process.

Our bio-based fabrics are finished only with softener.  They are pre-shrunk, and
can be treated like any other cotton.  Stain removal with non chlorine bleach is
recommended.  Water temperature would depend on fabric color, and drying
with moderate heat is advisable.

stain repellants
Stain Release
Stain Release rather than stain prevention is our choice for our fabrics. Stain repellents for prevention tend to be water repellent as well. Although this sounds best, it causes liquid stains to roll off, and depending on what they are, and where they roll, this can cause additional problems.
fire retardants
Fire Retardant
Compliance with NFPA 260, or NFPA 701 will require a fire retardant. Here, successful and permanent finishes are the goal, with minimized harmful chemistries.


fabric finishes
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