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Spotlight: The Nashville Hutton Hotel

Enjoy all Nashville has to offer at the Hutton Hotel and experience industry leading initiatives in sustainability. From energy-conscious lighting throughout the hotel to recycling and beyond, the Hutton Hotel makes a conservation-minded effort. Take advantage of low-energy EcoDisc elevators, a hybrid courtesy vehicle, biodegradable cleaning products and bamboo flooring and furnishings. Hutton's environmentally friendly initiatives include:

  • Beautiful bamboo flooring
  • Card readers that disable guest room lighting when a guest leaves the room
  • Bamboo furniture in our beautifully appointed guest rooms and the lobby
  • LED or fluorescent lighting throughout the Hotel; no incandescent lighting!
  • Energy-efficient exterior signage is LED
  • Recycling program for glass, paper and plastics
  • Laundry water recycling that conserves water, heat and chemicals
  • Guests choose whether or not change towels and sheets daily
  • Reclaimed wood furnishings in 1808, our signature restaurant
  • Dispensed soap, shampoo and conditioner to reduce plastic waste
  • Biodegradable cleaning products
  • Bronze exterior glass is the highest rated for thermal insulation
  • Eco-friendly hybrid courtesy vehicle
  • EcoDisc elevators reduce energy consumption by 70%
  • Low Albedo roofing system designed to absorb and sustain heat
  • Dyson airblade hand dryers and linens (no paper towels) in public restrooms reduce paper waste
  • Waterfree urinals in public restrooms
  • A state-of-the-art mechanical energy recovery wheel system preconditions air before heating/cooling for maximum efficiency
  • Highly efficient mechanical systems in the public areas and offices

The Hutton Hotel was my first Sustainable project.  I thoroughly enjoyed taking part of this conservation-minded effort, and now I'm very inspired to do any upcoming drapery projects!

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