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So What's Different
About Design Resources?

A lot! Our unique system of engineering and manufacturing organic fabrics for commercial use, will not only inspire your design options but also save you money on your projects.

We believe in Michael Braungart's (MBDC) statement that "in nature there is no waste, and industry must see to biomimicry, to minimize, and then to aim for zero waste."

Below are a few ways that our unique process can work for you.


Custom Fabric Patterns
Have you noticed how many pillows, bolsters, or throws only use one fabric? Of course you know that adding more unique details will cause the costs to sky-rocket in a budget busting way. Our unique process allows you to add borders, bands, contrasting patterns and more without the high cost of "extras."

Eliminate Seams
Eliminating seams eliminates bulk in the finished piece and cuts on labor costs. This is just one way we can add value to a project without adding cost.

Custom Weaves
Whether an all over pattern or an intricately engineered one we can create exactly the pattern you want in any size, weight, or texture. Our unique process reduces cut off waste, and any cut-offs that are left are recycled.

Complete Support
All clients receive complete support throughout the project from our in-house art, digital, and technical departments. (Learn more about our Production Cycle.) We'll assist you with weaves, weights, and all the possibilities to make your design all it can be. Model items will be approved before final production begins. Projects will be completed on time and on budget and then delivered to the hotel.

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